Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How it began...

I got into this whole sewing thing just after Travis and I got married about a year ago. I was walking around an artisan market in a nearby park and saw the cutest aprons. They were very simple and easy to make but when I looked at the price tag I almost laughed--$45. I decided then and there I would try to make an apron that was much more stylish and "involved" than just the usual cookie-cutter ones that are out there.

I petitioned my mom (who is a seamstress by trade) for some lessons and materials and voila! I had a stock of fabric, my very own sewing machine (hand-me-down from her), thread, needles, etc. She spent a Saturday showing me how to use patterns and a few basic techniques. She's basically the bomb :)

I made my very first apron without a pattern or any real clue as to what I was doing and gave it to my best pal Laurie. It fit her perfectly--personality and size--and it still one of my favorites to date!

One of my signature touches...
Flowered edging on the pocket
The lovely La in her new apron (complete with whisk)

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  1. love this apron but the girl it... i love her more!!!