Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding season

A long time friend of my husbands is getting married in 2 weeks (ah!). His fiance's shower was this past weekend so of course, I made her a little something! One of my favorite places to find materials is at Goodwill. They always have the best sheets and remnant fabrics for so cheap. For this project, I decided to use a blue polka dot bed sheet with an amazing ruffle accent and an old skirt that I never wear.

I used the ruffles on the top of the bodice and the bottom of the skirt

The flowers used to line the hem of a skirt I bought that was way too short for my body type and just made me look all-around ridiculous...I cut straight into the bottom to create the pocket and cut out an individual flower for the bodice accent
Finish it off with one of my shnazzy labels...
And voila!

Don't forget that TbT gifts are perfect for new brides, new homeowners and new moms! Don't know any right now? Get yourself a makeup bag, clutch or flower pin to spruce up an old item in your wardrobe :)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mother's love

I have been so busy lately so I'm sorry to just be catching up with some posts! I know Mother's Day was a few weeks ago (again, I know I'm behind!) but I have been holding onto a special apron for months to give to mine. A few months ago I had a sewing day with my mom and finished up this gorgeous apron. She kept eyeballing it, trying it on, making comments about how much she loved it, etc. So I stashed away knowing that an occasion would eventually come around for me to give it to her. Luckily, she never asked about it again so I didn't have to make up some lie about already selling it! I tried out some different techniques with this one and loved the end result!

Ribbon ruffles on the bodice and waistband
Instead of the usual flower pin, I added an applique to the pocket

Thanks for being such an amazing mom Junebug :)

I have been such a busy bee so there is definitely more to come! Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

A picture is worth...well hopefully a few bucks!

I am more than happy to admit that I am a little green in all of this marketing and selling of my products. It has been such a learning experience through trial and error about which photos to post in my Etsy shop and how I want to be portrayed. The most useful thing I did was just peruse other's shops and take notes on what I loved about them. I decided to re-d my shop photos to give them new life and hopefully capture what my items truly look like. If a flower pin an be removed, I took pictures of possible uses for it (instead of just typing it in the description). Instead of showcasing my aprons on a dress form, I set up a tripod and took pictures of myself wearing them.

Here is a little before and after for some of the items:

Before: harsh lighting and terrible background

After: staging and perfect lighting to enhance it's "usability"

Before: not too shabby, but room for improvement
After: showcased


Before: drabby presentation

After: stylized and interesting


Before: no indication of size or usage

After: size reference and idea for possible use


Before: colors are a bit washed out

After: editorial photo gives it a feel of movement and creates interest

Before: no size reference or interesting background

After: a photo that draws the attention and showcases how dern cute it is!