Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Danger Powers

A very sweet co-worker of mine just left the state of Georgia to follow her husband to another state for a job opportunity. Not only am I so excited for this new phase for them, I'm event more excited for the next phase when Baby Powers is born in 2 months! Before she left, we of course had an office shower for her to celebrate this little life and see her off.

A few months ago I was rummaging through the remnant bin in Joanne's (it's the best!!) and found the cutest flannel with little sailboats all over it. Little did I know, that a few months later I would be making burp cloths for a nautical themed nursery! How perfect is that...

The finished burp cloths

Ready for packaging!
 I also got inspired by a frame I scored at Goodwill that matched the fabric perfectly and decided to make a little piece of art to adorn the nursery with.

"P" for Powers...Baby Danger Powers that is

Ready for the mommy-to-be!

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