Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hit or Missy

A friend of mine from college reached out to me and asked me to make her an apron to give as a housewarming gift (excellent idea!). We worked together on fabrics, design, etc. and we decided to use a pattern that I don't use often, but that I love the outcome of. I think I loathe it because it involves SO MUCH bias tape--which means I have to make the bias tape, and then pin it all on. But its good practice and keeps me from making the same thing over and over again:)

I ran into just one snag while making this creation: Ponce. Ponce joined our family just after Thanksgiving and has a penchant for chewing!

The "precious" one
 We usually keep my sewing room shut up so the dogs can't get into it, but my dear husband accidentally left it open one morning on his way out the door--leaving Ponce free reign of the room for 8 hours! Unfortunately I don't have pictures because I was so blind with rage, but when I came home the room was trashed, the pattern was eaten (parts of the pattern were actually still attached to the fabric after I cut it out) and a pin cushion was missing all its pins.

Ponce's "man I was bad" face
I was able to salvage the fabric, but the pattern was destroyed. More importantly, about 10 pins were missing and Ponce's stomach was the only plausible place to look. I called my husband (freaking out). Thank goodness he was on his way home and told me to sit tight. We felt his belly for pain and gave him a few treats to see how he was swallowing. We thought we were in the clear until he coughed up a needle...

to be continued :)

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