Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby Seals

The office that I work at is filled with wonderful people. People of all ages and backgrounds with one common goal--have babies. Just kidding, but seriously...there is something in the water here! In 2011, we had 4 women expecting around the same time. Yes, FOUR. If you think this isn't a lot, compare it to the fact that only about 80 folks work here's a lot! (See previous post) So naturally, we have a lot of baby showers which means a lot of chances for me to flex my sewing muscles!!

June was a crazy month. My best friend from work had just learned she was moving to Nashville for her husband's job and I knew we had to throw her a shower/going away party here before she left. We rallied together and gave her a carnival themed shower she will never for get!

Handsewn bunting

Leftover bunting and fun animals

Seals were everywhere (family's last name)

Tiny bunting between the cakes. Who knew I was also a baker?!?!

Can't wait to meet you Baby Seals!

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