Friday, August 19, 2011

Crystal napkins and a beakless duck

If you have never been to an auction, I highly recommend it. There is a fantastic antique auction just 15-20 minutes from me that runs every Monday night. I went a few years ago with my friend, so when my mother-in-law said she was looking for a cool vanity, I knew right where to point her. The auction posts pictures of most of the big pieces online throughout the week so you can keep an eye on anything you might want. Lo and behold, a perfect vanity came up so we knew we had to go this week!

Sharon got the vanity and I got a bedside table for Trav (finally, he's been putting his things on the floor for months!).

Around the back of the room they have tables with boxes filled with RANDOM things. They are sold off silent auction style starting at $5. I put my name down on 2 of them and ended up getting one for just $5! I didn't even realize what a steal this was until I got it home and started digging...vintage napkins, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, place mats and a whole slew of crystal!
The goods...

Rainbow butterfly napkins

Gingham and polka dots?? Yes please!

These will make great pockets on something...

Half the box was crystal! Ash trays, a decanter, jewelry holder, candlesticks...

I didn't realize until I went to pickup my winnings that along with the side table I bought, came these antique dummy ducks (random, I know)... Travis and I don't exactly decorate with a hunting lodge aesthetic, but there is something charming about them, I'm sure they will find a place to "land" :)

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