Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fountain of youth

Travis and I met at youth group. Granted I was in high school and he was in middle school (ew, gross, don't worry we didn't even notice each other until college!) That youth group holds a very special place in our heart because we know it has the power to change young people. We still try to help out whenever we can and love going to youth events.

For the last several years, the youth have made a big to-do about Harry Potter. It started out with 2 boys dressing up as Harry and Hagrid and as they years went on, the costume fever started spreading. Over the last 2 years, I have gone as:

Professor Trelawney (with an enthusiastic Cedric)

Professor Umbridge (with Trelawney and Rita Skeeter)
 This year for the grand finale (and midnight showing), I wanted to really go above and beyond and try something no one had tried yet...the Golden Snitch. I found some great gold lame (lah-may) fabric on sale and went to town!

 For Travis' encore as Cedric Diggory, I found 2 shirts around the same size at Goodwill and sewed them together, printed off a Hufflepuff logo and we were good to go!

The original
My version...not too bad huh?

Me, Travis and his sister as the best darn Luna Lovegood ever. And yes, she made that hat

We love getting home at 3am only to have to get up 3 hours later for work!!
My friends are just so proud...

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