Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Totes Presh

Yea... I went there! So my long time friend sent me a link to something that she found on Pinterest to see if I could re-create it for her daughter. Its basically a "doll tote" (or at least that's the best name I could come up with for it!) or a flat, portable dollhouse. The website only had two pictures and was completely in French so I knew I had my work cut out for me! Her friend also requested two for her daughter so after making a pattern from the first one I trucked right through #2 and #3! I hope to add these to my shop as a staple one day... tedious to make but man are they cute!!

Here is the original:

And here is my version:
Not too shabby for having zero measurements and absolutely nothing but a picture to go on! I changed up how it connects at the top also. I'm not a big fan of velcro as it can lose its "stickability" over time and besides, I'm a sucker for vintage buttons :)

And here are the other two:

Pillows are kept put with a tiny piece of velcro (much better use than on the outside of the bag)

Slumber party!!!

See ya next time!
Thanks for looking! I had so much fun figuring these guys out. I already have so many ideas for different themes I can't wait to make more! This pattern was designed for Calico Critter sized dolls (see the bunny?) If you are interested in one for a little darling in your life, please email me! Tailoredbytorrey@gmail.com.

Happy Holidays y'all! :)