Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Z-E-T with an A!

A few years ago, I was excited to receive a request from a friend's mom who was helping out at ZTA rush at UGA. She wanted some Zeta themed aprons for her and some of the ladies to wear while they served food, etc. to the sisters and rushees. I was a Zeta in college, so I was really excited to take on this project. Each sorority has its own colors, symbols and history. I thought about all the different symbols for Zeta and what it stood for and decided on my 3 faves: the strawberry, the crown and colors and breast cancer awareness. I was able to find some vintage strawberry bedsheets on Etsy, some sparkly crown fabric and (finally) some pink ribbon fabric that didn't drive me crazy. I love the pink ribbon movement, but I find it very hard to find awareness fabric that isn't too cheesy for what I do.

Love the ruffles!

Top ruching allows for a conformed fit

The yellow is an old bedsheet as well

Used a strawberry applique instead of a button

The wonderful ladies in action!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lets talk about burps baby...

Ahh burps... they are a part of life, but for a mother of an infant, they are a HUGE part of life. Moms and dads carry around burp cloths all the time, so I figured they ought to be cute! I was inspired by some prints I found online and decided to take a new take on burp cloths (previous style here) that would be more absorbent and much cuter. T by T burpcloths are now made from OsoCozy prefolded cloth diapers. Whats great is that even after your baby is over the spit-up phase, you can use these bad boys to wipe your car down, clean house, etc!
Fabric leftover from the first "mapron" that I made

I've got mustache fever!!!

What dapper dad wouldn't look amazing with this tossed over his shoulder?

These burpcloths are in my shop and still up for sale!

Have a burpy day!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Mapron

After receiving numerous requests, I decided to branch out and make men's aprons (or affectionately called, the "mapron"). My first mapron was given to someone who bid and won a T by T apron at a church auction. It was originally meant to be for a lady, but she decided she wanted one for her son instead. I loved the stripes, it made me think of a baseball game!

Meanwhile, my husband has been begging for a grilling apron. I spent some time thinking about what I would want to do for him and found some amazing Georgia Tech fabric at Hobby Lobby (his alma mater). I had found my direction! New to this mapron was a cell phone pocket at is tucked away and keeps the phone safe from anything else that you might want to put in the other pockets (I'm not a man, I don't know what they do...).
Stud :)
What I love about both of these is that the straps are adjustable to fit just about any guy. I'm excited to try out more maprons so if you have an idea for the griller extraordinaire/chef master in your life, shoot me an email at Tailoredbytorrey@gmail.com.