Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lets talk about burps baby...

Ahh burps... they are a part of life, but for a mother of an infant, they are a HUGE part of life. Moms and dads carry around burp cloths all the time, so I figured they ought to be cute! I was inspired by some prints I found online and decided to take a new take on burp cloths (previous style here) that would be more absorbent and much cuter. T by T burpcloths are now made from OsoCozy prefolded cloth diapers. Whats great is that even after your baby is over the spit-up phase, you can use these bad boys to wipe your car down, clean house, etc!
Fabric leftover from the first "mapron" that I made

I've got mustache fever!!!

What dapper dad wouldn't look amazing with this tossed over his shoulder?

These burpcloths are in my shop and still up for sale!

Have a burpy day!

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