Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New look, new gig

I felt like the blog needed some changes... the glory of having full control over what you do with your business! Woo! Loving all things mustard and grey right now (post on my laundry room makeover coming soon!) so I decided it was time for a spring makeover.

I also have some BIG news!!! No, I'm not pregnant (why is that the only good news a gal is allowed to have around here?!). I have been accepted as a vendor at the Brookwood Farmer's Market! See my fancy section on their vendor page (scroll down, yep, keep scrolling)? Soooo exciting! I will be there most Friday afternoons from 4-7 as inventory allows. I'm ecstatic about taking this next step in a very public way and am so thankful to my mother who gave me a 10x10 tent and folding table for Christmas to make this all possible.  Check out some of the other vendors while you are on their website. They have all kinds of local farms, bakeries, home goods and other artisans. 

See you in a month Brookwood!

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