Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm like a bird...

Keep know you want to! This apron flew away at the farmer's market! This sweet little girl kept scoping out my booth and eyed an apron that she just had to have. She disappeared to find her mom and I figured it was a lost cause. But lo, and behold! They returned! She tried on the apron (which thankfully was a pillowcase apron so its adjustable!) and with some fixing, it pretty much fit. She loved it so much she wore it around the entire market and even told other shoppers how great my stuff was. She is welcome any day! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of her in the apron but here are some pics of the apron itself.
Made from a pillowcase
Sweet birdie

My mom and I told her she had to bake something amazing. Her little brother proceeded to ask me if she baked some cupcakes and brought them to the market next week, could we trade for an earbud holder for him? Look at him go...trying out the old American barter machine. If he shows up with cupcakes {language of my heart}, I just might have to give him an earbud holder :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Breezy Bows

I am so excited about my newest item!! I have been wanting something fun and fresh to add into my shop and my best friend gave me just the inspiration I needed. She sent me a picture she saw online of a cute hairbow and asked me to make one for her. It took a few tries to get the pattern just right (I am NOT a Project Runway pattern-maker people!!) but I finally made something that I just love.

I decided to call them "Breezy Bows" because 1. my nickname was Breezy growing up (thanks Grandma!) and 2. they are a breeze to wear! They are so versatile--wear one with a tshirt and jeans, to the gym or in a sophisticated chignon. They brighten any outfit! They are also perfect for girls of all ages...from the 28 year old that requested the bows in the first place to a sweet little pigtail wearin' 5 year old. They are for everyone!

Enough TALKING about them. Lets admire....

My fabulous model Stephanie. PS how cute is her top?!

Have a specific color you would like? Or want me to make some as gifts? Email me! I love making things custom and unique by requests! I've already had a request to make a few larger bows to put on dog collars so keep your eyes peeled for "Barker Bows" coming soon!

From now until Saturday the 15th, use the coupon code "BREEZY1" to get $1 off any Breezy Bow in my Etsy shop!

Happy humpday!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let Them Eat {Cup}Cake

I have a confession...I love sugar. Ok, so it's not like that's a sin, but it sure is a weakness. I see a cupcake or piece of fudge and I am convinced that it was put on this earth for me to eat it. I recently made friends with a gal who has a budding cupcake business. Obviously I like her for reasons other than she happens to have cupcakes with her all the time... but it definitely doesn't hurt :) She asked me to make her something to wear to events that had hints of cupcakes and ruffles. I always love how ruffles look, but not so much the process of making them so it was good to dust off the old ruffle-making part of my brain since I usually avoid them like a plague.

Those darn, cute ruffles
Flower pin
Sorry, my amazingly cute dog Ponce distracted me during the photo shoot
Back to the apron...
Tah-dah! How cute is that? Good enough to eat, right? It was good for me to try out a different silhouette with the ruffles and it turned out so stinkin cute! Enjoy Julie!