Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let Them Eat {Cup}Cake

I have a confession...I love sugar. Ok, so it's not like that's a sin, but it sure is a weakness. I see a cupcake or piece of fudge and I am convinced that it was put on this earth for me to eat it. I recently made friends with a gal who has a budding cupcake business. Obviously I like her for reasons other than she happens to have cupcakes with her all the time... but it definitely doesn't hurt :) She asked me to make her something to wear to events that had hints of cupcakes and ruffles. I always love how ruffles look, but not so much the process of making them so it was good to dust off the old ruffle-making part of my brain since I usually avoid them like a plague.

Those darn, cute ruffles
Flower pin
Sorry, my amazingly cute dog Ponce distracted me during the photo shoot
Back to the apron...
Tah-dah! How cute is that? Good enough to eat, right? It was good for me to try out a different silhouette with the ruffles and it turned out so stinkin cute! Enjoy Julie!

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