Thursday, July 25, 2013

More market days

It has been so much fun getting my items out in front of people and talking about my work! I get so many wonderful reactions from people (surprised at the level of handiwork, surprised at my age, think everything is so cute!). I've also gotten some contacts for custom orders (which I love!). Another wonderful thing that has come out of participating in the market is that my booth was featured in the table of contents in a local Atlanta magazine called Points North! I'm so excited!!!!


Breezy Bows!

My new, favorite hipster burp cloths

Country charm

Leaf applique

Burp cloths from vintage inspired print and an vintage hanky

Priming babies for future food greatness!

New earbud pouches! Fear the stache...

Nautical striped earbud pouch

Look at those beauties!

NEW banner! I feel so official!

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