Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The lady who lived in the shoe...

Babies, babies, everywhere! A friend from church had a Southern Charm baby shower to welcome her sweet baby Eva Elizabeth. Fried okra, cheese grits and sweet tea abounded! Being in Georgia, there were of course peaches-a-plenty (which I didn't mind at all! Yum!!). 

Little did we know that Baby Eva would make her appearance that very night! She came about 5-6 weeks early but came out lungs blazing and was able to go home just 2 short weeks in the NICU! Both momma and baby made it home and are doing well. I was so excited to meet her for the first time over this past weekend and could not get over how sweet and tiny she was. Her wrist was as big around as my thumb... think about that!!

Tea, pecan pie, fried chicken, fried okra, cheese grits and pimento cheese!!
I wanted to give a gift as sweet as the pecan pie so I used a soft flannel material with the cutest nursery rhyme print. The pink burp cloth was accented with some vintage rick-rack my husbands grandmother in Maine gave me last Christmas. I just love the little "peek" you get in the applique into the life of the old lady who lived in a shoe. Hopefully little Eva won't cause her momma any stress ;)

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