Thursday, December 12, 2013

Around the world in...

Facebook has this nifty tool for business pages. You can see a list of where your fans are coming from. Out of curiosity, I looked at my list and wow!!!!! I have "likers" from the UK, Thailand, India and almost half of the United States! You guys are amazing!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mules and corn

Life has caught up with me my friends! I haven't posted on this thing in over 2 months. What is that?! On the positive side, I have been so busy that I have sooooo many fun, new things to post about! One of my goals for 2013 was to take part in a large craft show. I have done smaller things, but I wanted a big she-bang. I grew up in the Gainesville, GA area and loved going to Mule Camp each fall (formerly called Corn Tassel and will be forever in my heart as such. Read the history of the market here). The application process was relatively easy, but it is so stressful to send it in along with photos of your best work and then.... wait... and wait... and wait....

My acceptance email came just 2 weeks before the show. I had started prepping just in case, but thus began a whirlwind. I was like a Tasmanian devil! I had no idea how much to make, I'd never done anything on this scale before. 

When the big day finally came, I was so blessed to have one of my bestest friends come over from Athens to help me setup (along with my mom, I couldn't have done this without them!). The market is set up on the downtown square and booths are marked off on the street/parking spaces. You can imagine my disappointment when I walked down my street to find my booth and found a car parked there. The police said they couldn't do anything, the organizers said they couldn't do anything, and the owner was MIA. After a lot of back and forth and "I paid for this spot"s later, they agreed to have the car towed around the block. 

Excuse the poor photo quality. Marsha was attempting to push the car away
After an hour ordeal, we were finally able to get everything setup and get a good night's rest. It was a little nerve wracking to just leave all your stuff there. Hours and hours of planning, labor, heart and soul were in that tent when I zipped up the sides and prayed everything would be there in the morning. 

Good night little tent!

Thankfully when I arrived in the morning, everything was as it should be and I anxiously started putting things in their place and awaited for customers to arrive!
Custom sign-ups and advertising

Sweet little stand I got at a thrift shop and painted white...perfect!

New burp cloth display using a shoe rack

This was such a hit! Lollies for the kiddos and treats and water for the pups

Fall flair

Lovin' this little duo!

All in all, after the 3 days I was exhausted but SO glad I did it! I met some really great people, made some wonderful connections and got to share my passion with the world (well, at least north Georgia :)). Looking forward to doing another one soon!